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VIEW Premium Selection with a Top Line-Up on Extended Exhibition Space
VIEW Premium Selection is presenting itself in its new and therefore strongest line-up. As many as four renowned major textile agencies will be showcasing their portfolio for the first time at the Preview Textile Fair at MUNICH FABRIC START. Alongside the textile agencies Max Müller, Thomas Geiger and Püttmann, for the first time now Tex-Research is also to be featured at VIEW.

This comprehensive, international portfolio of renowned suppliers brings the line-up of pre-collections which until now numbered approx. 300 to over 360 in the VIEW FABRICS and VIEW ADDITIONALS segments featuring exhibiting companies from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, England, Turkey, Japan and Italy.

'We cannot have wished for a better start to the new season. This strong and most comprehensive line-up since the beginning of VIEW is a clear response to all the recent discussions about dates and location.'

Wolfgang Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START

Also in terms of area this 19th edition of VIEW is the largest event since its premiere in 2008. For instance, the Max Müller Textile Agency, TTG and Tex-Research will be showcasing their 2019 summer season collections on the especially redesigned and thus newly integrated VIEW GALLERY exhibition space.
Providing an initial outlook on the current developments is the Denim+Sportswear area. Pioneering product innovations will be presented here by suppliers of buttons, ribbons, decorative trims, fasteners, linings, lace, embroidery, inserts and labels. Exclusive prints and pattern are offered by the trend and styling offices at DESIGN STUDIOS.

'Both in quantitative and qualitative terms we will see one of the most innovative editions of VIEW and therefore one that is pioneering for the sector. This is promised both by the exclusively upgraded portfolio of suppliers and the increasing quality level of visitors from Germany and abroad.'
Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START
MUNICH FABRIC START provides the complete seasonal overview of new innovations and highlights already running from 30 January to 1 February 2018 and featuring over 1,800 collections from over 1,000 suppliers.

Combining MUNICH FABRIC START with BLUEZONE and VIEW Premium Selection means optimum synchronisation for the highest degree of collection planning reliability. Especially since the early fabric and findings ranges are already well developed and statements properly firmed up. This format of two complementary trade fair formats means MUNICH FABRIC START boasts a strong performance package attuned to the demands of a textile and fashion market facing ever new challenges.
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