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‘The German Market is Getting Ever More Exciting!’

The exclusive kick-off event VIEW Premium Selection has been confirmed as an important date on the trade fair agenda: More collections than before were highly developed, even at this early stage. Presenting the latest developments for fabric and findings collections, the VIEW event for Summer 2015 held at Munich’s Prisco Haus last week made a powerful statement.

It was a kick-off made-to-measure: last Tuesday VIEW Premium Selection in Munich officially opened the 2015 Spring.Summer season. On display were some 170 high-end collections from predominantly Italian weaving mills and additionals manufacturers. They attracted about 500 visitors from German-speaking countries but also from neighbouring states to Munich.

Initially established as a small yet refined industry gettogether, VIEW has become a real attraction for upmarket womenswear, menswear and sportswear – in its 5th year now, and figures are rising. And this holds true not only for the German market but increasingly also for other European countries. VIEW is becoming more and more attractive for neighbours like Austria, Benelux countries and Eastern Europe. Calvin Klein designers came from Amsterdam and Martin Margiela was represented by local representatives of the Italian licensee. Other renowned international ready-to-wear manufacturers visiting the Prisco Haus included Escada, Strenesse, Marc O´Polo, Hugo Boss, Karl Lagerfeld, Rene Lezard, Michalsky and MAC, to name but a few.

Across the board suppliers rejoiced at the rising degree of fashion. “The German market is getting more and more exciting,” says Emiliano Bonotto from the producer of the same name. “I now exhibit here what I also show in Paris. In the past, I made a selection for the German market. Highlights were cut down, more mainstream items were added. Now it’s more about fashion.”

Inspiring and Productive
Prevailing on the aisles of the classy Prisco Haus is a busy and focused yet at the same time relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Many visitors have just completed their winter collections around now and want VIEW to get them into the mood for the new season – except without the time pressure felt at all the following trade fairs. “Here I can clear my mind and prepare myself for summer,” said a visitor perusing the collections on behalf of Dressler.

Exhibitors also appreciate the special atmosphere and exclusiveness of this trade fair. “I like working here in Munich. It is so customer-friendly. You can have discussions in quiet surroundings. It’s not as chaotic as at other international trade fairs,” comments Tejidos Royo.

Important Influences for Collection Development
The early dates of this preview event have set a new benchmark in the industry. When developing their collections many companies now work towards these early dates even more ambitiously. This is why customers – as a rule – can already see up to 60% of the collections. Only a few seasons ago this percentage was significantly lower. This means the trade fair has noticeably gained in relevance. There is, however, another advantage in that collections are still in the early stages of development. Exhibitors can benefit from initial talks with their customers to adapt patterns and colours even better to market needs and expectations. This means VIEW is an important corrective mechanism, as many underline. “Customers get to see a wider choice than they are offered at the international trade fairs that follow,” says Sylvia Fischer of Taroni and adds that the fabrics will undergo a strict selection process between now and the main trade fair. “Customers now still have the chance to decisively impact the design process.” Other manufacturers such as Maiboom attended the trade fair for the first time because – by their own accounts – it is “becoming increasingly important to be an early mover.” “We want to be faster and obtain high availability for the selected items as early as possible.”

Ermenegildo Zegna (Gruppo E. Zegna) also debuted at this VIEW: “We capitalise on the trade fair to identify the direction customers are looking for,” says Marco Schiavone. It is especially after these two trade fair days that the final decision on colours is taken. “The early dates also favour in-house developments,” adds Artur Unger of Knopf und Knopf. This button producer has taken part for the third season now and, like other renowned additional producers, is now extending their range at VIEW to include an accessories segment.

Trend development is finally completed by the time the major international textile trade fairs start and the final trends are then presented to the whole industry for the first time at MUNICH FABRIC START from 4 to 6 February 2014. Once again, over 900 international exhibitors will be represented here along with a concise and versatile supporting programme that point to a promising trade fair. BLUEZONE on 4 + 5 February also promises to present innovations galore and is again fully booked for the 2015 Spring.Summer season with attendance from the international Who’s Who of the denim sector.

For all other information on the forthcoming MUNICH FABRIC START as well as on VIEW go to and For further impressions of VIEW go to

The output of two productive fair days - First Trends spring.summer 2015
Elegant transparency and sportiness are the recurring themes for most collections. In terms of looks shiny effects continue to point the way, be it with special coatings or the partial use of trilobal, Lurex and metallic yarns. Other focal themes include textures and irregular surfaces. Traditional honeycomb piqué weaves feature alongside modern 3-D effects, cut-out details and the kind of perforated surfaces for jersey fabrics we have so far only seen on leather and imitation leathers. Jac- Centro Seta (It) quards remain important but no longer show the rich contrasts of previous seasons. Tone-on-tone versions are in the foreground. In terms of colour, we see a range of neutrals with stone hues and make-up tones as well as subdued pastel shades. The third alternative here are aqua tones from aquatic blue to turquoise. Colour is added by prints with floral and animal prints continuing to set the tone. Graphic patterns feature as smaller repeats.

VIEW Premium Selection - SHOW UPDATE

The 11th edition of VIEW Premium Selection is scheduled to kick off the Spring_Summer 2015 season in the unique ambiance of the Prisco Haus in Munich on 10 and 11 December.

This exclusive preview trade fair offers a first meaningful look at the developments and innovations in the area of premium fabrics. About 170 collections will be presented by select international weaving mills, among them some interesting new exhibitors. Abundant transparency and elegance, combined throughout with a casual touch, make for revealing collections. It’s already becoming apparent that a fresh interpretation of elegance paired with a casual touch is emerging as the overarching trend for Spring_Summer 2015.

DIE VIEW – trends are made here
“The success of the last trade fair in July of this year, where we registered a marked attendance increase, shows that VIEW’s positioning as an important early-season opener is becoming more and more firmly established,” says Wolfgang Klinder, the Managing Director of VIEW organiser MUNICH FABRIC START Exhibitions. Taking place so early in the season allows VIEW to give its visitors a significant information advantage, which has helped to establish the event as a distinguished and successful industry forum in the years since its founding.

Renowned designers and product development specialists employed by internationally leading apparel manufacturers take advantage of VIEW’s pre-collections to gain specific inspiration and information useful in the development of their spring collections. Offering a productive working atmosphere and taking place at the earliest possible date, VIEW is critical in leading the way for the creation of the collections and trends for the upcoming season. Moreover, manufacturers leverage the intense dialogue with the rest of the sector as a basis for the further development and refinement of their fabric collections before presenting the final versions at MUNICH FABRIC START and subsequent European fabric trade fairs.

Thanks to VIEW and associated showroom events taking place in the city centre at the same time, Munich will once again turn into the capital of the fashion industry for a few days.

Please visit the homepage for further information and the latest updates on VIEW.

The main trade fair MUNICH FABRIC START will take place from 4 to 6 February 2014. The BLUEZONE event will take place concurrently on the first two days of the trade fair. Please visit for complete details.

Optimism and Diversity – VIEW confirms a promising season AW 2014/15 and delivers initial key information and developments

High-calibre start to the season in Munich posting 65% plus for visitors and an ever widening choice of collections

Initial indications have been confirmed. As the 2014/15 Autumn.Winter season opens as part of VIEW Premium Selection optimism and a fresh breeze can now once again be felt in the sector. For two days Munich yet again served as the “lynchpin” for the apparel industry. In the stylish setting of Prisco Haus high-quality international weaving mills and additionals manufacturers presented some 140 selected collections and fabric innovations to the Who’s Who indesign and product development. Presenting the first trends of the new season earlyon with a selected, high-quality portfolio – this is theconcept of the Munich trade fair organiser MUNICHFABRIC START. And this event has now become a fixture in the industry – confirmed not only by acontinuing and extraordinary 65% increase in visitorsbut also by the consistently convincing quality of there presented brands. Guests in Munich again included the leading ready-to-wear manufacturers and renowned representatives of the apparel industry who came to browse the initial tendencies and innovations for the new 2014/15 Autumn. Winter season. More and more brands in the middling to high-priced segmentare being attracted to this event as they realise the importance of the early date and the associated information edge for them. Also rising yet again was the number of visitors from abroad. “The Pre-Collection trade fair VIEW is the world’s first textile trade fair for the for the coming season and at the latest edition Bonotto already received numerous visitors from through out the Europeanmarket,” says Emilio Bertoli of Bonotto.

Many weaving mills and manufacturers were already astonishingly far advanced with their collection developments at this point in time. In the concentrated working atmosphere so typical of VIEW this created a mood of palpable inspiration and consistent optimism. There was consensus especially among the visitors regarding the necessity and uniqueness of this preview event. Yet further positive response across the board confirms the decision of trade fair organisers to retain the international date as a kickoff to the season and even to extend and develop it further in the near future. Both exhibitors and visitors were extremely satisfied with the results and insights gained from the two condensed trade fair days and are looking optimistically to a promising 2014/15 Autumn.Winter season, which will score points not least due to its diversity. The most striking trend that crystallized at VIEW is the mixing of any type of technique: by means of woven effects involving cellophane or Lurex yarns, double-face weaving constructions or three-dimensional weaving patterns. This trend is also evident in downstream processing, such as polyure than ecoating on textured cloths, overprinting of motifs, pigment metallisation, neoprene bonding or wadding. On top of this, various exciting jacquards are on show– small-figured for progressive menswear or highly diverse in graphic patterns and Paisley variations for womenswear. Still in evidence is the jersey trend in all sorts of variations – from foamy-bonded, full materials that can even be used for coats all the way down tovery fine fabrics ensuring that negligee-type of sexappeal. In the print segment highlights can be seen in the form of double motifs and “space” prints but also in plain floral and animal patterns. These trends will reach their final development stages by the start of the major international textile tradefairs and will be revealed to the entire industry for the first time at MUNICH FABRIC START from 3 to 5 September 2013. Boasting another record of over 900 international exhibitors as well as a finely tuned and versatile programme of side events the for the coming trade fair will be a promising one. This is not least due to the exciting new approach taken at the BLUEZONE, which will be celebrating the BLUEZONE Festival as part of MUNICH FABRIC START on 3 and 4 September 2013. For further information on VIEW online go to

10th VIEW Premium Selection invites to exclusive fabric preview Autumn.Winter 2014/15

MUNICH FABRIC START is optimistic on the kick-off into the new season with VIEW in July as well as the main exhibition in September 2013 showing another increase in exhibitor numbers for a season all about quality, creativity and comprehensive information.

Just before kicking-off the new season with theopening of the 10th VIEW Premium Selection, the organizer confidently looks at a promising fair round forAutumn.Winter 2014/15. International top weavers aswell as textile and accessories manufacturers presenta qualitative assortment of exclusive pre-collectionsand the latest trends and developments on 10th and 11th July 2013. The portfolio of more than 100 exposedcollections addresses to the complete range ofpremium fabrics. Focusing on a high level of quality,the exclusive meeting place is about to continue thisapproach that is confirmed not least by the presenceof high-quality collections such as Agnona, Bonotto,Cottonificio Veneto, Etro and Zegna.Dedicated to the spirit of inspiration and innovation,the 10th edition of VIEW gives an exclusive preview ofthe latest trends and developments for Autumn.Winter2014/15 in a few days, with an expanded group ofselected exhibitors in the classy ambiance of PriscoHaus. 

Extremes find common groundin a montage.
“The new season stands for a variety of extremes thatfind common ground more and more again – to beunderstood as montage of various materials, cuts,technologies, themes, layers, eras, moods and emotions.High-end-finishings and embellishments create their own very awestruck beauty”, states TrendscoutJoachim Baumgarnter the tendencies for the upcomingseason.This is confirmed even by the manufacturers. “Thenew season shows a tendency to bonded articlesand woolen qualities on a jersey basis – with a lot ofknitted, felted fabrics or fabric appearances. Theseoften come along with diffuse optics, large checksor an associative implemented camouflage look, forexample, in a floral pattern. Generally, it is about thecombination of wool and high-tech” describes ChristofHornung from Agentur Hornung GmbH the firstcollections developments.

From a preview fair to a fix datein the agenda.
Within the last five years, VIEW has established froma preview fair with a small, selected exhibitor groupand clientele to a fix date in the agenda of the upmarketclothing industry in Germany and neighboringcountries. The early date is unique in the industryand is used by designers and buyers of the leadingmedium to high priced clothing companies to securea decisive information advantage. At the earliest possiblestage, the who's who of the industry meets fora business exchange at VIEW in Munich in order toexplore the first pioneering developments and trendsas well as to discuss first approaches and ideas forthe collections with the manufacturers. The outputof these two concentrated fair days is the importantbasis for manufacturers and designers to further develop and fine-tune their fabric collections that arefinally introduced at MUNICH FABRIC START and thefollowing European fabric fairs. Please visit our homepage formore current information about VIEW.The MUNICHFABRICSTART will be held from 3 to 5September 2013. The BLUEZONE takes place parallelto the first two days on 3 and 4 September 2013. Allinformation can be found on

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