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VIEW Premium Selection is a firm fixture, being the first of all international fabric trade fairs. Now in its 16th edition VIEW kicked off on a dynamic and progressive note and closed with a slight increase in visitors on Wednesday evening. Renowned buyers and designers of powerhouse brands and trend labels from the women's and men's segment as well as from denim and sportswear were impressed by the over 300 collections here, some of which were already very far developed and therefore high-impact at this early date.   

The leading creative teams of all German ready-to-wear manufacturers as well as famous brands and designers were on site. Attending from neighbouring countries were Alexander McQueen, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Akris, Daks and Norse Project, to name but a few.

"We are pleased with the growing interest taken by international visitors as well as with another positive trend in visitor attendance. The quality of vendors as well as the focused content of the first collections are a clear statement for continuity and additional development potential. This evidently strengthens the early dates of VIEW as a Season Opener. This means, with MUNICH FABRIC START to be held in a few weeks’ time, we are offering the industry a holistic trade fair profile at the optimum point in time." 

Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START 

VIEW Premium Selection has long ceased to be an information-only trade fair. The portfolio of many, already far advanced collections is growing season on season. More and more of the international designers and buyers travelling to Munich capitalise on the wide ranges and thoroughly researched information on the initial material and colour trends so as to already crystallise the core statement of their collections at the beginning of the season.  

"With its selected portfolio VIEW Premium Selection is the decisive initial information platform for designers and buyers – also making it the trendsetting format for sound and strong-selling collection design. Furthermore, the direct and important exchange between fabric vendors, RTW manufacturers and designers here ensures a high degree of certainty for final portfolio development for the 17/18 season." 

Wolfgang Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START 



Materials with raised surfaces as super-soft wool types generated a great deal of interest. Also attracting a lot of attention were the sophisticated jerseys with a heavier feel for winter - some of them with standard reverse sides, others with printed or multi-coloured effects. All-important were the discussions revolving around sustainability, which serves for storytelling and clearly adds value to the fabrics and, hence, to the garments. In addition to this, there is a demand for more function in the form of technical material support - subtly integrated but strongly communicated and never as a technical element that determines the looks - at least not in the fashion segment. The innovative themes for winter include 3D technologies for texture and print.  

Find the first fabric highlights of the new season in our VIEW Fabric Report enclosed.  




 All of these tendencies and directions will be deepened and complemented over the next few weeks and partially even be updated and finalised in line with permanently changing market requirements.  


MUNICH FABRIC START from 30 August to 1 September 2016 will see for the first time in excess of 1,000 international suppliers exhibiting at the MOC premises. In over 1,600 collections they will present their 17/18 Autumn/Winter items for Woman, Man, Denim and Sportswear on total exhibition space of over 42,500 square metres in seven halls and segmented areas. 


The Preview Textile Fair by MUNICH FABRIC START offers a powerful portfolio of innovative fabrics and additionals as well as information on current trends. 

With over 300 pre-collections for autumn.winter 17/18, the VIEW Premium Selection on 5 and 6 July 2016 will be setting a strong signal for the industry at an early date.

This occasion in Munich will feature top international weaving mills and accessory manufacturers showcasing their latest developments in fabrics and additionals. The designers and buyers of strong global market players can expect to see a high-quality trendsetting portfolio of over 300 international collections.  

It will be a specially tailored start, covering the entire bandwidth of segments shown here: VIEW FABRICS for fabrics, VIEW ADDITIONALS for additionals and accessories, VIEW DENIM & SPORTSWEAR and VIEW DESIGN STUDIOS for individual print and pattern designs - a representative range, warranting a reliable first impression of trendsetting insights into the new season. 

Several collections will be represented at VIEW for the first time: BENDINI, MIROGLIO, ELYAF and AGENTUR KAREN GERKE in the VIEW FABRICS segment, KNOPF & KNOPF in VIEW ADDITIONALS and EUROPA and TUSA DENIM in VIEW DENIM & SPORTSWEAR. 


This will be an extension of the existing portfolio which already comprises well-known, prestigious suppliers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, UK, Turkey and Japan as well as a strong presence of Italian collections. 

These newcomers will increase the share of international companies even further, underlining the high quality standard of this early information platform. 


"The strong position of VIEW as a kick-off event for the season will underline its popularity among vendors. This is also reflected in the number of well reputed international companies joining in for the first time. Another robust feature will be the excellent quality of brands that have registered in advance, wanting to be ahead of others at this early stage in terms of comprehensive and in-depth information. VIEW clearly offers an ideal forum for a creative, constructive exchange at each of the various stages." 

Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START 


The trends for autumn.winter 17/18 add up to an intensely exciting line-up where craftsmanship combines with high tech, and the artificial with sportiness. There has been a significant change in design and style, with alternating variations of retro and melancholy, earthy jacquards, gleaming velvets, graphic velvets and floral designs. Another focus will be on progressively classic patterns with textured surfaces. One area that is particularly favoured by suppliers combines transparency and lace on felt. Jacquards and high-quality twills can be seen in subtly subdued colour harmonies.  

Even at this early stage we can clearly see the emergence of various series featuring sporty, colourfully dynamic materials with a touch of nature, while also combining craftsmanship and functionality in inspiring hybrid fabrics. The multifaceted, imaginative hype surrounding denims and sportswear is continuing. There will be a special emphasis on sleek sartorial denims, indigo cord and plain twills. A consistent effect can be seen in new developments with functional finishes and handwoven prototypes that are full of character. 



Tuesday, 5 July 2016 | 11.00 AM & 15.00 PM | VIEW GALLERY

An exclusive outlook of currents and trends in the new season will be provided by WGSN as leading international trend forecasters and official trend partner of MUNICH FABRIC START. In addition, Kim Mannino, Head of WGSN Live, and her team will be available for one-to-one chats and are happy to provide information. 



MUNICH FABRIC START will be held from 30 August to 1 September 2016, featuring a finalised general spectrum of over 1,600 collections. For the first time, at this 41st event, over 1,000 suppliers will be present, with a portfolio of fabrics and accessories, covering an even larger area, now expanded to include two further halls. MUNICH FABRIC START and BLUEZONE will again provide ideal conditions for an international launch into the Autumn.Winter 17/18 season. 

A premiere will be celebrated with the opening of the KEYHOUSE (Hall 5) - an innovative, creative forum for state-of-the-art technology, innovative fabric developments, products and solutions as well as sustainable, forward-looking ideas and macro trends.  

Also, visitors can expect a reorganised BLUEZONE on 30 and 31 August 2016, now expanded to two halls (Halls 6 & 7). The CATALYZER will feature selected denim brands showcasing their latest developments in heritage blue prints and sustainability.

Further details on the new features at MUNICH FABRIC START and BLUEZONE will follow shortly.

VIEW Premium Selection continues gaining dynamism

MUNICH FABRIC START's Preview Textile Fair is considered the most important trade fair in Europe 

Initial developments in new fabrics and colours for Spring.Summer 2017 are premiered in Munich 

Rising international response from visitors

Strong interest taken in textile innovations lends wings to the kick-off of the season: enjoying high visitor attendance VIEW Premium Selection opened the 2017 Spring.Summer season for the fashion and apparel industry in Munich on 9 and 10 December. Here leading suppliers in the Fabrics, Additionals and Denim & Sportswear segments, presenting a selected portfolio of over 300 PreCollections altogether, met with renowned trade visitors from Germany and other European countries. Guests included not only the designers and buyers of high-end German RTW manufacturers but also international labels such as Jil Sander, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and Lagerfeld. 

Carsten Fiebig, Creative Manager at Tommy Hilfiger Tailored, came from Amsterdam. Summing up he said: 'To me VIEW has now become the most important trade fair in Europe. The timing is perfect since I have to have 80% of my collection ready by late January. The portfolio here offers me the required choice and even though my focus is on the high-quality Italian suppliers I use the opportunity to gather broad-based information and also appreciate the agencies' exciting ranges.' 

Numerous international producers including 17 new 'entrants' presented their seasonal developments and fabric innovations at VIEW to the European fashion industry for the very first time. As a focused platform for early information and inspiration VIEW has developed its own dynamism and an ever stronger attraction going beyond the German market.

The busy first day of the trade fair was followed by a very productive second exhibition day with a focus on detailed talks and the creative exchange between suppliers and industry. Both the again slightly higher number of visitors and the quality of the companies present on site confirm the concept and timing of this preview trade fair. 

'The enthusiasm for the new season is tangible,' says Maya Junger, Creative Director at Set, and goes on to say: 'At this early point in time people are still open and very receptive. VIEW never ceases to inspire us while, at the same time, giving us the first assured feeling for where things are headed in the next season.' 

Many visitors and exhibitors agreed on one point: the unique preview character of this trade fair format, which presents no finalised collections, should be conserved in future too, deliberately allowing the dynamics of the production process to be incorporated. Both manufacturers and customers benefit from the creative mutual exchange and can still include the ideas and developments derived from networking at this strategically early point in time in their collection design.

'We like the special working atmosphere of this trade fair,' confirms Werner Lampka of Fratelli Cerruti, and adds: 'Here we find optimal conditions in order to jointly develop some themes further with our customers. This is a decisive reason for us to exhibit here.' 

Also proving correct and important was the extension of the complementary information and inspiration ranges; here alongside such agencies as Peclers and Promostyl the leading international trend forecaster WGSN was also represented as the official trend partner of MUNICH FABRIC START. Helen Palmer, Director of Materials, Textiles and Knitwear at WGSN, spoke to a full audience in the Gallery of the MVG Museum about The Vision for S/S 17 as well as socio-cultural macro trends and their impact on the fashion looks of the coming years.

The organisers are very satisfied with the outcome overall and the successful results of the most recent trade fair. 'VIEW has developed its very own, special and palpable dynamism, which attracts more and more premium brands to the season kick-off to Munich. We note an increase in exhibitors but also far more proactive visitor registrations. We are pleased to be able to offer the industry and the sector a matching platform at the right point in time, which is makes VIEW and its format so unique,' sums up Sebastian Klinder, CEO of MUNICH FABRIC START.

The final fabric and accessories collections will be on show in a few weeks from now as part of the MUNICH FABRIC START, which forms the official kick-off to the 2017 Spring/Summer season, as the first of the international textile fairs held from 2 to 4 February 2016. 

The next VIEW Premium Selection opening the 17/18 Autumn/Winter season will be held at the Munich MVG Museum on 5 and 6 July 2016.

FABRIC REPORT Spring.Summer 17

Innovative fabrics with a special look and feel remain the driving force for fresh ranges. For summer 2017 technical and functional themes are in the foreground, on the one hand, and natural looks, on the other. Performance properties continue to be important 'ingredients' of many new material developments but they have to be implemented discreetly and subtly in the interest of a more natural touch. In this context stretch is rated as highly for up-market suits as are trouser fabrics with outstanding shape retention properties - and not only for the sportswear segment but increasingly also in formal wear. Also remaining important are special surface touches and irregular surfaces taking the shape of jacquards, textured wovens, micro structures, open-weave fabrics as well as new patchwork ideas combining compact with transparent elements. In addition to a broad range of flowing fabrics with a silky touch and subtle lustre, that might boost Lycra and Tencel sales, wool admixtures are also discussed to obtain a soft touch for cross-season fabrics. Linen provides a new boost as a classic summer theme but with new looks and innovative yarn admixtures. 

VIEW Premium Selection - Strongly Positioned for an Exclusive and Inspirational 2017 Summer Season Opening


The latest developments in fabrics and accessories plus important initial impulses for material and colour trends from more than 300 pre-collections by top international weavers and findings suppliers - with its convincing, innovative portfolio, VIEW Premium Selection, on 9 and 10 December 2015, provides the fashion industry with the perfect platform for a powerful start into the 2017 Spring/Summer season. 

Designers and buyers for internationally renowned brands will be arriving in Munich to gather information about innovations, highlights, trends and colours for the upcoming season. With its various segments: VIEW FABRICS for textiles, VIEW ADDITIONALS for findings and accessories, VIEW DENIM & SPORTSWEAR and VIEW DESIGN STUDIOS for unique print and pattern designs, VIEW offers the European fashion industry an exclusive selection of all components necessary for a strong start in the new season - already at this early date.

Next to numerous well-known and high-end suppliers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, England, Turkey and Japan, 17 newcomers will be enhancing the select portfolio with interesting manufacturers, including among others: 


Overall there has once again been a slight increase in the percentage of foreign companies among the exhibitors, the most notable increase being recorded in the number of Italian collections. 


"More and more brands appreciate the quality of VIEW's offerings at this early date, especially because of the immense interest in textile innovations we are currently seeing. Each season we take great care in selecting a portfolio that will present collections with a high level of innovation and continue to expand our offerings in accordance with the demands of the market. With its focused working atmosphere, VIEW provides a platform for an intensive interexchange between industry and brands, which is ultimately important for the development of the collections, and for a strong start into the new season." 

Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START 

The trends for the 2017 Spring/Summer season are filled with emotion. Textile lightness, subtle use of technical looks and widely varied haptic surfaces reveal an undeniable love for materials. The combination of timeless elegance and visible naturalness serves as a basis for the collections. Manteco, TMG and Pordenone stage this perfectly in fabrics, while Fauck prefers leather. Sensual hands in super-soft, flowing dry goods remain predominant - Niggeler&Küpfer with DualFix and silicone finishes, as well as Tejidos Royo with modal and Tencel mixes are excellent examples. Shimmering patterns and functional finishing come with even more natural haptic. Enriched with travel memories, future visions and festive atmospheres, fabrics are displaying the perfect mix of technical know-how, romanticism and relaxed chic. 

In the VIEW TREND FORUM, which shows the innovative highlights in fabrics and findings for menswear and womenswear, as well as denim and sportswear in an inspirational setting, selected trend agencies such as Peclers Paris and newcomers WGSN and Promostyl expand the inspiration pool.

As an internationally leading trend forecaster and MUNICH FABRIC START competency partner, WGSN will provide a forecast of new tendencies for the 2017 Spring/Summer season, presented by Helen Palmer, Director of Materials, Textiles and Knitwear at WGSN, in an exclusive seminar. 


A few short weeks after VIEW, the collections will be presented in their thus far final form at MUNICH FABRIC START from 2 to 4 February 2016. As the first European fabric fair of the year, MUNICH FABRIC START with its roughly 950 suppliers forms the international kick-off for the 2017 Spring/Summer season. Concurrently, BLUEZONE takes place on 2 and 3 February 2016, once again strongly positioned with approximately 80 leading denim and sportswear brands.