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VIEW Premium Selection is presenting itself in its new and therefore strongest line-up. As many as four renowned major textile agencies will be showcasing their portfolio for the first time at the Preview Textile Fair at MUNICH FABRIC START. Alongside the textile agencies Max Müller, Thomas Geiger and Püttmann, for the first time now Tex-Research is also to be featured at VIEW.

This comprehensive, international portfolio of renowned suppliers brings the line-up of pre-collections which until now numbered approx. 300 to over 360 in the VIEW FABRICS and VIEW ADDITIONALS segments featuring exhibiting companies from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, England, Turkey, Japan and Italy.

'We cannot have wished for a better start to the new season. This strong and most comprehensive line-up since the beginning of VIEW is a clear response to all the recent discussions about dates and location.'
Wolfgang Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START

Also in terms of area this 19th edition of VIEW is the largest event since its premiere in 2008. For instance, the Max Müller Textile Agency, TTG and Tex-Research will be showcasing their 2019 summer season collections on the especially redesigned and thus newly integrated VIEW GALLERY exhibition space.

Providing an initial outlook on the current developments is the Denim+Sportswear area. Pioneering product innovations will be presented here by suppliers of buttons, ribbons, decorative trims, fasteners, linings, lace, embroidery, inserts and labels. Exclusive prints and pattern are offered by the trend and styling offices at DESIGN STUDIOS.

'Both in quantitative and qualitative terms we will see one of the most innovative editions of VIEW and therefore one that is pioneering for the sector. This is promised both by the exclusively upgraded portfolio of suppliers and the increasing quality level of visitors from Germany and abroad.'
Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START

MUNICH FABRIC START provides the complete seasonal overview of new innovations and highlights already running from 30 January to 1 February 2018 and featuring over 1,800 collections from over 1,000 suppliers.

Combining MUNICH FABRIC START with BLUEZONE and VIEW Premium Selection means optimum synchronisation for the highest degree of collection planning reliability. Especially since the early fabric and findings ranges are already well developed and statements properly firmed up. This format of two complementary trade fair formats means MUNICH FABRIC START boasts a strong performance package attuned to the demands of a textile and fashion market facing ever new challenges.

The most successful VIEW Premium Selection with a strong second day. Expectations far exceeded.

With a very well planned, strong portfolio of international suppliers VIEW Premium Selection Autumn.Winter 18/19 running last Monday and Tuesday ended once again on a visitor plus. Right from the start of the 1st day of the trade fair visitor footfall was high then continuing in the relaxed and both intense working atmosphere at a constant high through to late afternoon on the final day on Tuesday.

This means VIEW Premium Selection held from 17 to 18 July 2017 exceeded the expectations of both suppliers and organisers who, due to the rescheduling, looked with anticipation at how the date was met on the market. A rise in visitors of a further 3% at the close of the trade fair confirms the importance of VIEW as a qualitative, international preview event in Munich.

'We are delighted to be able to look back on such a positive result at VIEW, especially in the face of the recent rescheduling within the international trade fair landscape. The great number of visitors, especially the increase on the 2nd day of the trade fair, once again confirms that with this kick-off in Munich we continue to occupy a strong position that is acknowledged both by exhibitors and visitors alike.'

Wolfgang Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START

The around 300 highly developed, self-contained collection ranges boasting great innovation and novelty featured at the latest edition of VIEW once again sent out a clear statement about the high quality level that offers designers, product managers and buyers optimum collection planning.

'To me this is definitely my favourite trade fair,' said Karin Veit, Manager of Design & Product Development at Marc Cain.

Adding to this Marc Schmid, Head of Purchase at Marc Cain, said 'We have been visitors to VIEW since the 1st event at MVG. For us this is a perfect event. A thank you to the trade fair organisers! The collections have now been further perfected. The format allows us to carry out swift and intense work. This is also reflected in the presence of the entire 14-person team throughout the entire two days. Between now and MUNICH FABRIC START we will be working on concepts so we can conclude deals at the start of September.'

VIEW as an early and selective event and MUNICH FABRIC START as one of the world's largest fabric fairs for womenswear, menswear, denim & sportswear and additionals have become firm fixtures that accompany and support the market in a dynamic ad practice-oriented way.

'With the chronological and systematic sequencing offered by VIEW and MUNICH FABRIC START in the creative processes for almost 10 years now we have boasted a unique performance package that caters closely to the demands of the textile and fashion markets and its ever changing needs. '

Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START

The time spent at the fair by national and international visitors at VIEW is continually rising. For instance, more and more companies and brands use both days in full to view collections and hold in-depth discussions. This is particularly confirmed by the aforementioned rise in visitor numbers on the 2nd day of the trade fair.

Regular visitors included strong, internationally-oriented firms like Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein. Although already in preparation for Düsseldorf Fashion Week, the majority of key German ready-to-wear names, representatives of renowned brands and designers were welcomed to VIEW in Munich. The guest list also included Akris, Charles Vögele, the Holy Fashion Group as well as Strellson from Switzerland. Attending from neighbouring Austria were: Airfield, Geiger, Schneiders and Sportalm.

What is clearly noticeable is the increased complexity seen in the development of the showcased collections. Over the next few weeks existing ranges will be supplemented and finalised. The impulses and ideas springing from the intense discussions will be picked up on and further developed. This democratic method of working makes it possible to cater very precisely to the needs and requirements of the market. The result of the finely tuned collections guarantees fabrics producers and suppliers a high degree of reliability in the production and development processes. This considerably strengthens the sales arguments of ready-to-wear firms.

From this visitor line-up some representative comments

'We are always very happy to come to VIEW. It is centrally located and simply does not have that typical trade-fair feel. We particularly appreciate the family atmosphere and the somewhat different mood as a result. VIEW in July is particularly key to us. Milano Unica is for us a supplementary event and much less competition. We come to Munich to gather inspiration. Straight after Munich Fabric Start we then normally order for the new collection. This season we may manage that even before the main fair in September. '

Sandra Stadler, Head of Creative Management Hugo Menswear

'We attend VIEW to gather inspiration, collect ideas and lay down first trends that we will approach in a more targeted fashion later on at Munich Fabric Start.'

Katrin Schnare, Senior Designer Rich & Royal

'VIEW Munich for us is more than just a source of inspiration. It gives us a concrete working basis for the new collection. The scheduling for us is ideal.'

Sina Steidinger, Head of Design, Rosner

'The collection statements were surprisingly specific at this stage. This gives us the opportunity to already now develop relatively specific stories so that we can concentrate on complementary themes at Munich Fabric Start. Due to our special product focus we would like to see the organics theme already being featured in a more visible way. In direct discussions with the exhibitors we are seeing a great willingness to develop organic fabrics or sustainable processes. Since demand is growing overall, confirmed to us in our discussions, we see this development very positively.'

Barbara Giesen, Purchasing at Hess Natur

'Fostering contacts and holding intense discussions in this setting is ideal. For us as a young company suppliers' willingness to collaborate is very important, also the ability to leverage smaller supply quantities. View offers us the space to set the points and discuss individual concepts.'

Thorsten Bulander, SAAT

'We run a tight programme with our suppliers at View. We take a very targeted approach. View gives us the opportunity. We enjoy the unique atmosphere and like to take advantage of the first-class service here. Both support us in our efficient method of working.'

Philipp Walendy, Product Manager Alberto

TRENDS AUTUMN. WINTER 18/19 Wool is the dominant material for the Autumn.Winter 18/19 season. From grainy and crepe-like to classic in style or fluffy with a long pile. Colour-intense and experimental with Lurex effects, yarn thickening and/or contrasting textures, tweed dominates the coloured weaves of the season. Chanel style is ever present. Combined with shepherd's plaid, Glenchecks, herringbone and blends as well as in two-colour and multicolour.

Lurex sets decent accents, sometimes discreet and partial, sometimes as allover checks with laminated velvet qualities. For the more classical and reserved there is also cord in a variety of rib sizes. Already in high demand in Italy is flowing viscose without a spandex admixture for a casual and comfortable look that again prefers a looser, more self-evident look.

Prints are brilliant and omnipresent – in distorted geometrics, in lavish florals. The flock print mix on devoré or tulle is extremely decorative. Overall, the fabrics show a preference for animated surfaces, more texture again as well as for the handcrafted. And for a winter quite surprising: in 18/19 there will also be a great preference for intense and cheerful colours both for prints and for the strongly represented colour weaves.

VIEW FABRIC NEWS AUTUMN.WINTER 18/19 The new season already now promises many highlights (and some quite progressive ones) that are still to be finalised and drawn upon in the coming weeks.

In the VIEW Fabric Report attached we have put together for you the fabric highlights of the new season.

At MUNICH FABRIC START from 5/9 to 7/9/2017 over 1,000 suppliers will once again be presenting over 1,700 finalised collections for Autumn.Winter 18/19 at the MOC and on the ZENITH premises. Even with its increased floor space due to the new halls opening in autumn the fair is once again fully booked.

In parallel with MUNICH FABRIC START the new MUNICH APPAREL SOURCE Fair will make its debut in the nearby MTC. For further details as well as current news on VIEW Premium Selection please go to our own website:


Continuity and stability plus simultaneous growth are the strategic cornerstones of MUNICH FABRIC START. This corporate philosophy will also impact the 2nd half of 2017 - reflected in future in the even higher inherent dynamism of existing trade fair formats as well as in new event formats.

The season opener will as usual be VIEW Premium Selection held in Munich from 17 to 18 July this time.

'We have deliberately opted for the later date in summer assuming the responsibility and showing the sensibility expected from us to also allow designers and buyers to plan their information gathering smoothly and optimally this season. Bringing Milano Unica in Italy forward has caused an overlap in the trade fair calendar that must and cannot be at the expense of a whole industry.'
Wolfgang Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START

With some 300 collections for Autumn.Winter 18/19 whose concepts are already highly elaborated at this stage, VIEW Premium Selection has already provided a first assured outlook on coming trends as the Preview Textile Fair for 10 years now.

By leading international supplier's accounts, powerful fabric looks with a strong character are in the focus of ever more diversified trends — in the lead are velvet and cord in all conceivable versions, weight ranges and finishes

Concurrently with VIEW additional exclusive fabric collections will be presented at Munich Showrooms. This initiative is a response to the great demand for, and importance of, information at this early point in time; and is further proof that Munich is the right place for this trade fair and VIEW is the right date for optimum process control within the creative and manufacturing phase.

'With VIEW and MUNICH FABRIC START we are in the fortunate position to offer continuity in collection planning and production that is without par. We will leverage this strength even more intensely in future. Munich has all it takes to do that. We will continue building on this locational advantage. This will already become clearly visible at the next MUNICH FABRIC START.'
Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START

The compelling nature of this strategic trade fair format is also confirmed by the addition of 20 new exhibitors from Germany and abroad yet again. They extend the quality ranges of VIEW FABRICS and VIEW ADDITIONALS to include market leaders from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, England, Turkey and Japan.

Not even two months later MUNICH FABRIC START will be presented from 5 to 7 September in its customary dimension boasting in excess of 1,700 completed and finalised collections for Fabrics and Additionals exhibited by over 1,000 suppliers at the MOC as well as at the ZENITH premises with BLUEZONE, CATALYZER and KEYHOUSE. Held in parallel for the first time will be the MUNICH APPAREL SOURCE Fair focusing on the themes Manufacturing and Sourcing at the nearby MTC.

'The sense of entitlement in the complex and logistically elaborate manufacturing and sourcing workflows in the textile and fashion sectors strongly call for two complementary and synched events such as MUNICH FABRIC START as one of the most successful trade fairs for Fabrics and Additionals and as the new MUNICH APPAREL SOURCE specialised in Manufacturing and Sourcing.'
Wolfgang Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START

With this corporate policy of tailor-made and synergy-focused trade fair formats

> VIEW as Preview Textile Fair with initial well-founded and trendsetting collection statements,

> MUNICH FABRIC START as one of the world's biggest trade fairs for Fabrics and Additionals with BLUEZONE, one of the most important international denim shows and

> the premiere of MUNICH APPAREL SOURCE with approx. 200 multi-national producer companies presenting their production spectrum, process solutions and services, MUNICH FABRIC START Exhibitions GmbH positions itself with renewed strength on the international trade fair landscape.

VIEW Premium Selection kicks off the season with over 300 international collections

Preview Textile Fair with Strong Innovative and Trendsetting Portfolio for Spring.Summer 18

More than 300 collections of leading international fabrics and additionals suppliers will be providing the first well-founded insights into the textile trends for the Spring.Summer 18 season at VIEW. At this early point in time the powerful portfolio comprising more and more finalised collections will await the leading creative teams of the national and international brands and designers expected in Munich.

What started as an exclusive preview event 8 years ago, has now developed into a well-established trade fair format with international appeal. As the Preview Textile Fair of MUNICH FABRIC START, VIEW provides the information and assurance for planning that has become so crucial for this business at an early date thereby reacting immediately to market needs. 

Among the wide range of collections on display there will also be 22 international vendors exhibiting at VIEW for the first time. Furthermore, there will be an Asian selection with 14 vendors presenting their developments at VIEW Gallery for the first time. These complement the portfolio of renowned suppliers from Germany, Austria. Switzerland, France, England, Turkey, Japan and the big group of Italian vendors.

The demand for a qualitative and quantitative optimisation of both the VIEW FABRICS segments for fabrics and of the VIEW ADDITIONALS segment with findings and accessories is therefore fulfilled. The VIEW DENIM & SPORTSWEAR area already extended for the last event as well as the DESIGN STUDIOS for exclusive prints and pattern designs will also be given added weighting.

Both the dates of VIEW and the competent content of this trade fair format set to fulfil highest quality needs were fully confirmed by the industry in a recent study.

"We start producing the collection in June and finalise it now in September. This is why the offer of an early event in the form of VIEW and a principal trade fair in early September is simply ideal. At VIEW we select the basic materials, which are then tested as prototypes over the following weeks. Once the fabrics live up to our quality requirements we talk about the specific colours, references and patterns with the suppliers at MUNICH FABRIC START. An additional asset of this trade fair is the perfect organisation as well as the unique atmosphere."
Alejandro Miralles Giro, Hugo Boss

"The trade fair is just superbly timed for entering into dialogue with new customers. The dates are perfectly scheduled for doing that. Now we can use the decisive weeks until the trade fairs in September to develop the collection further in line with the ideas and themes our customers give us in our conversations." Oreste Brignolo, E. Miroglio

The consistently positive feedback from both vendors and visitors alike unconditionally confirms the location as well as the scheduling of the trade fair. Munich is predestined as a destination for early and exclusive information since further high-end collections are showcased at the Munich showrooms in parallel with VIEW.

TRANSFORM is the heading for the 18 Spring/Summer season. It is synonymous with the fundamental changes within the textile market that are both of a physical nature in the form of a new materiality, and of a spiritual one with new mindsets and strategic approaches. The principle of classic seasonal thinking is on trial. This results in extreme multi-dimensionality and individuality with novel and unconventional marketing tools that make classic distribution models null and void.

Due to this "textile revolution" it does not come as a surprise that things are increasingly calming down at least in colour terms. This finds its expression in diverse off-white tones as well as natural, pale brown and green nuances, complemented by fragile pastel greys. The fabric range for Spring/Summer 18 is dominated by a new naturalness with "built-in" functionality and high-tech features. The tactile profile of fabrics is sharpened by more rustic surfaces, alongside perceivable textures and 3D techniques. Materials focus on linen, ramie, silk, viscose and cotton with an earthy touch. The mix with synthetics makes for extra stability while reducing weight at the same time.

A first impression of materials, colour ranges and styling impulses comes care of the Trendforum of VIEW Premium Selection with highlights staged in the foyer.

Many of the collections exhibited at VIEW increasingly live up to the demands made on a fully finished and in-depth product range, which is supplemented and finalised up until MUNICH FABRIC START. From 31 January to 2 February 2017 more than 1,000 suppliers will be showcasing in excess of 1,700 collections at the MOC and on the Zenith premises. Autumn.Winter 16/17 MUNICH FABRIC START with more than 1000 suppliers for the first time With VIEW to kick off the Spring.Summer 18 season and to conclude 2016 MUNICH FABRIC START Exhibitions GmbH can look back on one of the most successful years in its 20-year history.

For the first time the number of exhibitors at MUNICH FABRIC START exceeded the 1,000 mark. The total number of collections on display came to over 1,700. The exhibition area was extended to include two new halls: KEYHOUSE as an Innovations and Creative Centre and CATALYZER as an extension to BLUEZONE in response to the rising demand. The content and format of VIEW as a Preview Textile Fair were both confirmed and strengthened.

"By sharpening the profile of MUNICH FABRIC START and VIEW we have created two future-proof and dynamic trade fair formats. This is evidenced by a clear rise in the length of time visitors spend at the fair - which, in turn - testifies to our suppliers' competence and the carefully selected portfolio for each segment. Last not least, this also confirms the right scheduling of the trade fair - and especially so in the combination of VIEW and MUNICH FABRIC START."
Wolfgang Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START