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Consorzio F.I.T.: Patent on board

Italian power in the Additionals section of exhibitors. Ten renowned additionals producers from Italy are again exhibiting with the Consorzio Finest Italian Trimming. They are bringing trendy labels, lining fabrics, press studs, denim and metal buttons, stretch tapes, shoulder pads, sewing yarns and zip fasteners.

Fimma is causing a stir here. This firm specialising in metallic fasteners presents “Fiocco” – a line of patented denim buttons and rivets which feature a cotton insert in their metal caps. With individual dyes and metal inserts “Fiocco” can be adjusted to customer specifications. Even garment-dyeing processes are available for denim.

ck-Knopf: Super Clasics

Presenting buttons in classic materials in novel, contemporary forms, often with an unusual twist, these German specialists follow the fashion trend that celebrates perfect styling and has selected the blazer as its key item. Minimised shapes and precise finish convey a sense of familiarity and harmony.

Ck-Knopf also continues to be active in terms of customised customer service and has extended its new modular system to include attractive button themes that combine metal with mother-of-pearl or metal with horn. A changed stock range guarantees binding just-in-time services for moda pronta and flash lines.

Mokuba by Ribon Line: Smal but Refined and Luxurious

In the trimming ribbon segment warm and cuddly is also the order of the day – as the Mokuba by Ribbon Line shows. Furry, shaggy as two-face velvet tapes or wool trimmings they follow a classic, flattering direction. Metallic aspects “dress up” outerwear while pearlstudded tapes and trims exude luxury for the indoor segment.

Delicate, pleated organdie tapes some also with dégradé colouring represent the sheer side of fashion. Decorative jacquard tapes, taffeta tapes, doubled satin, rep and silk organdie cater to even the most demanding trend requirements. This also holds true for the 100 colours available – ranging from warm winter colours to delicate pastel shades.